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With all potential sales orders there is the necessary preparation and understanding of what the client requires to fit a solution. Normally the larger the procurement requirements, the knowledge and understanding required to satisfy the solution is greater. This is particularly true in Business to Business service selling where there is not always a "One Size Fits All" and this in my experience is the case when working in Logistics.

To gather the information required is normally done with the free flow of client data transmitted electronically and questioning on the phone, but to enable a full understanding, visiting the client normally enhances a greater understanding by talking through the requirements and also allows time to build rapport. Also at this stage at this stage you are also to demonstrate to the client that you are there to problem solve and able to provide solutions.

It is also my experience that while it is desirable to have a local customer base, sometimes you have to invest in some time to travel to clients offices by way of car, train or plane to reinforce the relationship and understanding of the desired solution. In recent years I have travelled by plane to Northern Ireland to see some operational personnel from a well known carpet retailer to demonstrate solutions to get finished product from factories in England to stores in the Republic and Northern Ireland and because of the distances respect was given to time given, which meant that all parities were able to really think the scenarios through and look at solutions.

Whilst in this stage of listening and working things through, sometimes you can provide alternative cost effective solutions that the client might not have previously considered. When helping a National Supplier of premixed mortar to help set up in the South East, we were asked to supply a vehicle to moved silos from site to site, but when thinking about the utilisation of this vehicle in the first few years of the operation we provided a cost effective solution to increase its utilisation. When the vehicle was not moving silos, we commissioned a special demountable tank that could replenish the silos meaning that the vehicle was cost effective and client had a better proposition to look after their customers in their new area. In the end the client was happy and it meant that we had a good long term contract.

When involved with projects like this or when selling simple items, at the end the salesmen is the conduit for bringing people together to solve solutions.

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