Matrimonial Disputes

Anthony Morris Solicitors specialise in all aspects of family and matrimonial work and are experienced in representing the rights of parents, children, grandparents and any other members of a family. It is appreciated at Anthony Morris Solicitors that issues involving separation can be emotional and we pride ourselves in recognising this fact and all work is undertaken with a view to achieve an amicable outcome.

Divorce and Separation

We can advise you on the issues that arise on the breakdown of relationships. For example, the financial consequences of divorce when there are many difficult decisions to be made in the division of property and debts and in relation to issues involving children upon separation.

We are able to advise you in relation to nullity petitions and divorce petitions including those with a foreign element.

Financial Agreement including Mediation Agreements

Once an agreement has been reached in relation to the issues involving the separation we can draw up legal documents based on an agreement reached between the parties either directly or through mediation.

Change of Name Documents

Often after separation people wish to change their surname and this can be undertaken at a fixed fee. It is possible to draft the change of name document during a meeting with you and have the document executed straight away. It is possible to have a child‹s name changed although the law in this area is complex. We would therefore ask that an appointment is made with our solicitors to discuss this matter in greater depth.

Injunctions – Domestic Violence

Sometimes problems between family members require a proactive response and we are able to advise and represent you as a matter of urgency when you need protection whether it be for yourself or your children. For instance you or a member of your family may need protection from a violent or abusive partner. We are franchised by the Legal Aid Agency so we are able to devolve to ourselves the grant of Public Funds if you are eligible both financially and your case warrants such action immediately.

This firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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