Pay As You Go

Pay-As-You-Go Scheme - £250ph (plus VAT)

This is a flexible way for you to pay as you go for the advice that you receive, when you receive it. You pay for the amount you use and if you only use 30 minutes, you only pay for 30 minutes ie £125 plus VAT.

Each advice session is treated as a one off event and payment must be made in full at the end of each session. You may make payments on account but you do not have to and can pay on the day of the advice. At the first meeting you will need to provide 2 forms to verify your identity ie photocopy driving licence, passport, utility bill dated within the last 3 months.

If the consultation is by telephone, prior to the appointment you would have to provide 2 documents to verify your identity and payment made is at the time of the consultation by debit or credit card.

What is included

1) You can have as much of your lawyer's time as you wish to get the advice and guidance you need at any key stage of your matter.

2) You can use this time for us to look at any documents you need reviewing or, if you simply want advice generally, on divorce, children or financial matters.


You need to do the following

1) Get organised and buy a lever arch file, papers, envelopes and stamps. You will be acting for yourself so you need to keep everything safe and in an orderly manner. Keep track of any communication with us, your spouse/cohabite and the Court. Record times, dates, place and what was discussed and things you need to do.

2) Make sure you have access to the internet or telephone so that you can download or request court forms.


What we do

1) We will keep a record of the meeting with you and confirm our advice in writing.

2) Draft documents for you, if you need us to, although there will be a separate charge for this unless the document is prepared during our meeting with you. The charge must be paid before the documents are prepared.

3) Advise you of other services which may be of assistance to you such as mortgage brokers, mediators etc.


If you feel our Pay As You Go Scheme is not suitable for your needs please consider our fixed fee packages.